Below are the brands and companies that power the AURAFAM and help us continue our winning traditions! Consider checking them out and using our codes to receive a discount! It helps a lot and we promise you'll get a great product

LucidSound is a long time AURA partner. Making some of the best headsets in the industry, these headsets are "Engineered To Win". Offering options for the budget gamer, all the way up to the gamer that makes no compromises, we promise they have an option for your audio needs! Head on over to their site and use code "AURA" for a discount!

Rogue Energy is a hometown hero for AURA. Sharing the fine state of Wisconsin, they help us with our mission of focusing on the Midwest. Rogue Energy is designed to be the ultimate energy drink. Zero sugar, zero fillers, 5 calories, packed with essential vitamins, and loaded with brain-enhancing nootropics at optimal levels. Go Rogue today and save 10% with code "AURAFAM"!

PowerA is a brand you have probably seen before, whether it be at Walmart, Target, Gamestop or another one of your favorite retailers! PowerA makes some of the best controllers and accessories in the business. They're partnered with numerous companies to make official branded products for many of your favorite games. Our members are huge fans of their products and we are proud to be partnered up with them! Head on over to their site and use code "AURA" for a discount!


We're always looking for new companies and sponsors to work with. If your brand is interested in working with AURA, get in contact with our business team via email here: [email protected]