Started in late 2015 Aura Gaming was a CS roster for a few friends. We were all local to our high school and just wanted to have some fun with the game we loved. We have grown a lot since 2015 and now sport players in SSBU, the FGC and Rocket League. We have now set our sights on growing local communities and event hosting as well as content creation. Along with running premiere Smash events in local communities and beyond. Please follow our journey as we strive to make an impact. #illuminateforward





Founder of Aura Gaming and in charge of day to day operations. Part of the original Counter Strike team TomBom was trash, but it was still fun!



Event Organizer

Kiwii is the founder of Two Bridges. The team responsible for running Aura Gaming's events. He works hard and plays harder. Go ahead, play him in Smash!



Mental Health Coach

Happy, easy to talk to and always looking to help. Pinoy is a ray of positivity and serves as our mental health coach. If you need help or advice feel free to reach out to him as he will always help. Check out his videos on our YouTube channel!



Video Editor

A talented videographer and photographer. Rose is responsible for our videos and a lot of our photos! Currently working at Esports Arena and attending events he produces amazing content. Check out his work!



Tournament Organizer

Our newest member of our event organizing team. Winro brings experience and a positive attitude to our already thriving team. Providing events in the Oshkosh area nobody does it better than him. Come to his premiere weekly, Liftoff!